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GRAFICA-M Company: Stamp and Engraving - Provides marking equipment, devices, and supplies for all your business needs. Products include rubber stamps, signs, lamps, inks and self-inking.

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Laser engraving machines

Sale of laser engraving machines of UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEM (USA) – a leader in development of lasers for engraving, marking and cutting of various materials.

We offer unique machines on the base of gas СО2 lasers with radiation power from 25 up to 120 Watts and dimensions of desktop from 300х400 to 500х800 mm. The machines are universal and adaptable. There is a possibility to change laser tubes of different power and select dimensions of desktops. Technical support, repair, training, consulting, supply of consumables.

In co-operation with our customers we develop laser technologies for processing various materials: manufacture of rubber dies, office boards, badges and plastic tags, marking of metallic items and electronic parts, engraving on glass, marble, wood, incrustation, production of souvenirs, laser cutting of sheets of rubber, cardboard, leather, plastics and fabrics.

Laser systems are used for producing souvenirs, rubber stamps, it allows you to engrave on glass, marble, metal, wood and plastic. These systems are also used for rubber and plastic cutting. You can cut with ideal precision products from carton and paper.

Moscow, Russia