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GRAFICA-M Company: Stamp and Engraving - Provides marking equipment, devices, and supplies for all your business needs. Products include rubber stamps, signs, lamps, inks and self-inking.

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Art Rubber Stamp

You are not limited to simply using text on your rubber stamp. You may also include graphic images, logos, signatures and other artwork on your rubber stamp. They can be used in conscan your signaturejunction with text, or as a solo element on your stamp.

Art Rubber Stamp

Design Your Own Art Rubber Stamp!

To submit your artwork, simply follow these easy step:

Put your sharp black line artwork or drawing on white paper Scan your artwork as a "Tiff file" or "Bmp file" at 300 dpi E-mail the file to as an attachment Or, we can scan your artwork for you at no extra charge!

Simply fax it to +7(495)231-4415, or mail to: "Grafica-M", ul.Bolshaya Kommunisticheskaya, 23a, Moscow, 109004

Moscow, Russia