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GRAFICA-M Company: Stamp and Engraving - Provides marking equipment, devices, and supplies for all your business needs. Products include rubber stamps, signs, lamps, inks and self-inking.

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Business in Russia is highly dependent on the official stamp(pechat) on documents rather than relying just on a signatureBusiness in Russia is highly dependent on the "official stamp" ('pechat') on documents rather than relying just on a signature.

Only one stamp is allowed per company registration and this stamp can only be obtained after registration of a company and submission of papers to the local authorities. Buy a good quality self-inking stamp. Company stamps are usually locked up at night.

Western companies who are coming to Russia to sign contracts or to open a branch here, may want to bring their corporate seal and stamp along. Note, only companies registered in Russia have any legal right in Arbitrage Court and Services.

Commercial disputes are usually resolved by the Arbitrage Court. Foreign companies can only utilize arbitrage procedures if they are legally registered on the territory of Russia.

GRAFICA-M company was founded in 1990. Our company is a first Russian non-governmental stamps manufacturer. Since 1990 the company has continued to grow, it has gone from a small rubber stamp company to a very diversified marking device business.

You may place an order for one item or hundreds. We give the same care to each & every order that we receive, size of an order does not matter.

Some of the products we have to offer are listed below (there are hundreds of items, so this is a brief list) :

Traditional Handle Stamps: (Rubber)

Self-Inking Stamps: (many sizes available)

Specialty Stamps: Pocket Self-Inking Stamps, Peg Stamps, Inspection Stamps, Pattern Plates, Daters, Numberers,

Reiner's Automatic Numberers, Electric Stamps.

Misc. Products: Branding Irons, etc.

Inks for: Paper, Slick (non-porous) Surfaces, Skin, Circuit Boards, Ultraviolet(Invisible) Inks, plus many more.

Stamp pads: Felt pads, Replacement pads for almost every self-inking unit.

Engraved Products: Signs, Name Badges, Full Color Name Badges, Name Plates, Door Signs, Custom Plaques, Embossers,

Professional Embossing Seals.

Plus...many other products. Just ask!

Moscow, Russia